The "BEST PARTY" Checklist

  Three weeks before the party:
Select occasion for party:
Select theme and staging- Order supplies from!
Create Guest list.
Send invitations.
Date of Party:____________________
  Time (starting, ending):_____________________
Plan and select decorations
Begin collecting materials and creating props.
Prepare menu and grocery list.
Select and hire caterer/serving help (if needed).
  A few days before the party:
Call any guests who have not responded
Buy groceries and beverages.
Prepare and freeze/refrigerate food items that can be made in advance.
Make party costume or select outfit.
  One day before the party:
Clean house, party room facility, or office party site.
Set up and arrange party room
Thaw frozen party foods.
Get out serving pieces.
Coordinate last-minute arrangements with caterer, servers.
  The day of the party:
Decorate party room.
Prepare and arrange remaining food.
Coordinate set-up, service, cleanup with hired helpers.
Mentally "travel through" party
Dress in party outfit.
Await arrival of first guest.






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